Black Magic for Indie Film Makers

Indie film makers have been spoilt in the past few years with the number of affordable and high quality camera options increasing. But there has been a gap in the market between pro users who have the money to spend on RED cameras, and the higher end DSLRs with HD shooting capability. Enter the Black Magic Cinema Camera.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

Curves in all the right places

It’s a gorgeous piece of kit. The features (which we’ll go into in a sec) appeal to pro users and amateurs with deep pockets alike, but the styling has been very carefully done to appeal to more consumer oriented users. It’s not covered in daunting amounts of numbered dials and emblazoned with makers marks all over, and nor is it made of functional but less visually appealing black metal. It has been precision made from aluminium and plastic and styled with an almost retro look which makes it no only desirable, but also accessible by the new emerging class of indie film makers.

I would count myself within the target audience for this. I love making short films, and sometimes need to shoot video for projects I’m working on, and whilst I am far from being a pro user, I’ve been frustrated by the limitations of DSLRs. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but this has all the appearance of a camera that removes those limitations and delivers something that is made to fit into a digital workflow and makes the process of filming more fun, less stressful, and brings you the kind of results that you could almost put on the silverscreen.

Feature heavy

Ok, so to give it some perspective, it’s still £1,811.76 + VAT for the body only. It’s cheap in the context of a cinema camera, but it’s not cheap. And if you want to buy one with everything you will need to go out and start shooting then you’re looking at £3,000 easy. So what do you actually get for your money? Well, as I stated up front, I’m  not a pro, but the tec spec on offer gives me everything I would ever need and more. Full 2.5k filming, a 13 stop dynamic range and 12-bit RAW uncompressed and compressed ProRes and DNxHD file formats make for a powerful package, and combined with the ease of SSD storage and an elegant touch screen interface, there’s very little not to like about this camera. It also takes EF and EZ lens mounts, so it’s versatile right out of the gate with the number of attachments you can add, and chances are you can also reuse a lot of your existing kit.

The package also comes with some handy software. Again, aimed at a market who may not have colour correcting tools at the ready, it includes the full version of DaVinci Resolve 9.0. This just adds to the value for money of the package  and you also get Black Magic’s own UltraScope software which allows you to have up to  6 live scope monitors displaying on any Thunderbolt enabled computer.


To summarise, this is an amazing camera at a far more accesible price point than you would normally see considering the technical spec. We will definitely be getting hold of one when they find their way into stores in July this year. Just long enough to put the finishing touches on that screenplay I’ve always wanted to make…

You’ll no doubt want to see the detailed tec specs, you can find these here, and more info and opinion at the links below.


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Dribble is what it would look like. It’s an inexplicably basketball themed site where you post ‘shots’, which are 400×300 px images of what ever you’re working on. It’s a great source of inspiration and there are some very talented designers posting. It’s not new, it’s been around for a while now, but we’re loving it.


Designer Profiles

The site gives contributors a full profile page where you can include your posts and your details which is great in terms of growing it into a collaborative place for designers to advertise themselves, as well as for recruiters or those looking for a designer to find the right talent, but it stops short (for now anyway) of being a straightforward creative CV site through the way it encourages interaction and the sharing of ideas, and designers and spectators to comment on the work posted.

 Dribble Profile

Business model

It’s still in relatively early days in the lifecycle of the site, but it has the potential to build something really unique and represents a business model that bridges a gap being both full of commercial potential, but basing itself squarely on the ides of sharing inspiration and showing other what you are working on. We don’t know how it’s going to shape up yet, but one thing we’re sure of is that we want an account!