Topkapı Palace

POTW – Forlawns of the Topkapı Palace

Continuing Graham’s tradition last week, this week’s Photo of the Week comes after I spent last weekend digging through my archives and retweaking some of my favourite snaps from last year. The result is the photograph that was taken in Topkapı Palace in Istanbul last October.

I couldn’t help capturing it. The autumnal colours were incredible and the late afternoon sunlight throughout the Topkapı Palace grounds gave the most incredible impressions on the lawn. I edited the colour levels slightly, emphasising the reds in the leaves and on the lawn a touch. But that’s about it. The colours were intense enough already.

Topkapı Palace

If you’ve never been to Istanbul before, GO. NOW. It’s most amazing place and the fusion of cultures and religions throughout the city is truly remarkable.

Mikko Hypponen

Online Criminals vs Governments (or are they the same?)

If you’re at all interested in how internet crime works… and how our own Governments are using, what even they would describe as, criminal tactics to monitor us online – especially in Totalitarian states – you should watch this seminar by Mikko Hypponen (he’s seriously impressive, just check out his biog).

It’s not groups like Anonymous that we have to be careful of he says, “It’s more than unsettling to realise there are large companies out there developing backdoors, exploits and trojans.”

Very interesting stuff… makes you think again about using Gmail.

ted talk

TED Talks Through Why SOPA is B.A.D.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o as you follow us here, you’ll soon find out that I’m a huge fan of TED – if you don’t know what it it, just nip over to their website and see what ideas they think are worth spreading (there are talks on design, culture, biometric profiling, you name it, TED has it…).

As I was browsing it during my lunchbreak today I stumbled across this very topical and really informative post on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) by Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor in New York University’s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (find out about him here).

Obviously the passing of SOPA or PIPA will have huge ramifications on our day to day use of the internet however, if you’ve ever wondered exactly what the consequences of these bills being passed through Congresss will be – or even what the bills even are, Shirky’s talk (below) really does start from the basics. It’s very interesting and definitely worth a watch if you’re in any way interested…

Which BTW, you should be – if a bill like this gets passed it will affect everyone.


The Wunder Kid

The Wunder Kid

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’ve ever struggled with organising tasks and events in your busy schedules or find it impossible to coordinate between friends or colleagues, there’s a new kid in town and Graham’s been on their case from the get-go.



Wunderlist is a new and almost oddly simple (in this digital age) task manager that allows you to list your tasks and events (you can have different categories too for work and play), tick them off as you go and share them around if neccessary. For instance, for our last design project Graham and I used it to work out which aspect of the project each of us was working on, make notes on the incomplete tasks and let each other know when we were done. Now, if you work in a freelance team that are based in separate locations, this is key – really, there are only so many creative-yet-applicable email subject titles we can think of to be able to search our inboxes for each of our specific streams of design consciousness.

It’s free to download and can be accessed on your phone as well. What are you still doing here? Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?