A little ABOUT US

We’re realists in terms of functionality but we’re dreamers in terms of creativity possibility.

In 2011, two freelancers from London came together to form a design partnership dedicated to engineering beautiful digital design, unique content, iconic and exciting visual identities and beautifully crafted motion graphics. The result of this partnership was Rope & Oak and we really do love the digital landscape.

The team have separately worked with some amazing clients in their time, including leading lifestyle industry professionals, Bordeaux Wines and Thandie Newton to name a few. We use our broad array of experiences in content production, editorial, digital design, project management and digital strategy to produce exemplary work that defines brands and individuals as unique and noteworthy in their respective industries.

We also specialise in WordPress content management and design manipulation and have launched some pretty amazing sites over the years.

We’re most certainly not the average agency. We’re more of a collective of forward-thinking, like-minded professionals that happen to be pretty darn good at creative problem solving. Whatever you need, we’ll put bets on us being able to help.

Now there’s a challenge if we ever heard it… go on, get in touch and see what we can do for you.

The founding members:


Emma was born on the web… well her professional career was anyway. In a previous life she edited one of the UK leading lifestyle magazines, however these days she focuses predominantly on providing digital strategy and social media content management solutions for leading brands in the UK.

She is a WordPress specialist and as such, can pretty much design and manage anything based on the platform.

Oh, and she really does love a good GIF.


Graham has been a designer and technologist (please read geek) for close to a decade. These may be grandiose terms for a 16 year old figuring out Photoshop on a computer with a hard drive smaller than the average USB pen, but it’s a trend that has continued throughout his life, just with some slightly bigger and better toys.

Apple evangelist, scrawler of opinions and pixel botherer, Graham loves design, and particularly enjoys building powerful brand identities and visuals, executed across multiple mediums to form something a little bit special.