shoppable music video

I was only a matter of time before interactive music videos came along but when you consider the potential impact this will have on physical sales, this music video from features Diplo, FKi, and Iggy Azalea for I Think She Ready, becomes really quite interesting.

shoppable music video

We already have interactive tube displays that let you scan products with your phone and buy directly from the platform ( and there are new technologies evolving that will means than one day, electronically conductive ink will allow printed posters to interact directly with your phone and even emit soundtracks and verbal information (see more here on that via @redrobin at so there’s no surprise that a music video has come along that allows you to buy the products you see on screen directly from the video.tesco subway store

The luxury retail company, Ssense, have just released a video with the artists mentioned above in collaboration with WireWax technology (which has already been used by Nike) that allows users to not only pause the video and shop then and there from a grid selection, but also allows users to tag the video as they would on a sharing platform like Facebook.

What does this mean for brands? Well that they will soon be forking out A LOT of money to collaborate with influential artists to promote their product. However the weight of influential that these individuals have could have serious impacts on sales.

What does this mean for artists/film makers? Well, their going to be a lot richer is this takes off, as the weight of influence for being able to shop directly from a celebrity’s wardrobe is pretty heavy. However, you’re viewing experience of the video as a whole is scuppered somewhat by people stopping and starting the video.

It’s got a while to go, but we could be seeing a lot more of this type of video interaction coming out soon. Burberry already allow their catwalk collections to go live a season early immediately after their shows (for a limited time) so this seems a natural evolution as consumers are given realtime options, rather than having to wait.

Exciting much? Well, maybe not for your wallets.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video HERE, if the video is being temperamental